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Monday 18 December 2017 Nameday: Laura, Bogusław, Gracjan

Local government

ul. 8 Stycznia 38
64-410 Sieraków
tel. /61/ 29-53-011
tel. /61/ 29-55-860

ul. 8 Stycznia 38
64-410 Sieraków
tel. /61/ 29-53-011
tel. /61/ 29-55-860

Notecka Forest – one of the largest forest complex in Poland (135 000 ha), mainly pine forest, sand dunes in the bifurcation of the Warta and Noteć rivers.

Francuskie Mountains – a range of sand dunes with pine forest. There is a Fire Observation Point on the top of one of the dunes. The name of the hills comes from a legend about the Napoleonic army, who had problems rolling heavy cannons on the loose dune sand.  

Lakes – a real treasure of the district in the number of 40.
The largest lakes: Lutomskie Lake (173 ha), Kłosowskie Lake (138 ha), Śremskie Lake (118 ha), Barlin Lake (103 ha), Jaroszewskie Lake (92 ha), Ławickie Lake (90 ha). The deepest lake is Śremskie Lake – 45 meters deep.

Forests – cover as much as 57 % of the area of the district.

Nature Education Center in Chalin – a refurbished manor house from the 19th century used by the Landscape Parks Complex. There is an interesting nature exhibition in the manor and a park with natural features of historic significance.

Heron Islands on Kłosowskie Lake – a nature reserve – islands with old oak trees, a breeding place of some rare bird species.

Beeches at Lutomskie Lake – a nature reserve – on the west side of Lutomskie Lake, numerous old beech trees, ravines; an interesting section of a hiking path.

Cegliniec – a nature reserve – a part of the Forest survived after the plague of pests in 1922-1924, abundant in hundred-and-fifty-year-old pine trees. Numerous rare species: blackthorn, juniper, barberry. 

Moss at Mnich Lake – a reserve protecting marsh and peat plants, with insectivorous sundew.

Swallow Embankment – ecological land in the village of Góra, protecting local breeding places of rare birds – sand martins

Józef Oak Tree in Marianowo – the largest tree in the Notecka Forest, a natural feature of historic importance, a white oak of 780 cm perimeter. Nearby there is an old pearling mill where seeds were retrieved from the cones. 

Papal Oak Tree – a seedling of an oak growing from one of acorns blessed by John Paul II, growing in front of the seat of the Sieraków Forestry District Office. Nearby there is a rock with a commemorative text. 

Ravines near Chalin – a walking and educational path, leading through wild spots of the Landscape Park.

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